The following is my testimony to God’s saving grace. It is printed here as I delivered it in a live
internet broadcast during the Sunday service from my home church on April 19th, 2020. A little
background may help you to understand both the story and the motivation of the storyteller.

Testimony Background

I am a very private, introverted individual. I have never been able to bring myself to share this
story publically. I have previously only shared it with a very few close friends.
In late February of 2020 I had a dream. (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17) In this dream I was standing at the
pulpit of my church addressing a large congregation. Even in my dream I thought it was odd that
I could not see their faces. When I wrote this out, probably in 1970, I had made two passing
mention of Timothy. In the dream, the entire opening preamble concerned Timothy. When I woke
up I was able to write it out word for word from the dream. When I finally recorded it and it was
incorporated into a service the facelessness of the congregation made sense. In the dream I saw
the emptying of the churches before it became a government edict. Apparently God knew I was
going to be speaking to a congregation that I could not see. The power and clarity of the dream
was my impetus to finally share my story of salvation publically.

Please click on the link below to download the full-testimony or watch Ralph share it in this video