Ray Wensley
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Prelude: Brian Cross
Welcome/Prayer: Pastor Greg Butt
Opening Hymn: Hosanna Loud Hosanna 297
Call to Worship: Hosanna to the Son of David 298
Special Music: The Palms, Trumpet Solo - Ron Harbidge 
Anthem: He Is Jehovah Choir
Children’s Moment: Pastor Greg - Sunday School
Offertory: Brian Cross
Hymn: All Glory Laud and Honour  300
Scripture Reading: Mark 11:1-11  Ramon McLeod 
Congregational Prayer: Pastor Greg
Special Music: If That Isn't Love
Message: “Not the King We Expected” Pastor Greg Butt 
Closing Hymn: There Is a Redeemer
Benediction: Pastor Greg Butt
Postlude: Brian Cross         

Our Mission Emphasis for January is Partner’s in Mission

We extend a warm welcome to those who are visiting today. Please let us know who you are, by filling out a Visitor’s Card from the pew rack in front of you, and place it in the offering plate or sign our guest book in the foyer. We look forward to meeting you during our Fellowship Time after the service. Come and join us this morning for refreshments in the Fellowship Hall.    Thank you.

Pancake Sunday
Join us after the service today for Pancake Lunch in our Fellowship Hall across the foyer.                                    

Local Ministry
CareConnect – committed to helping people. CareConnect  is housed in a central office.  On a daily basis, our office volunteers receive call from people in our community with needs.  Their needs are assessed and the individual requesting help is directed to the appropriate resource or helped directly. CareConnect draws it’s volunteers from various churches in the city and coordinated these volunteers to provide essential services to the community. For any further information contact Kay Lovell at 403.264-2636.

In the fall of 2015, Altadore, Bonavista and Northmount Baptist churches got together to sponsor some refugees from Syria.  An incredible amount of work was done in finding reasonable housing, getting insurance and in gathering household items, transporting them to the house and getting the house setup. Mary and her son Peter arrived on February 17 and have settled in their home in Dalhousie. They spent two and a half years in Jordan after they left Syria.  We are now in the process of getting them registered  for English lessons, learning to use Canadian money, helping with what to buy in clothes and groceries and using the banking system and bus system. Both Mary and Peter are grateful for all the work done in bringing them to Canada. In an email after their interview and medical, Peter wrote that coming to Canada was his "first hope and dream" and the answer to prayer.

We welcome them to Northmount this morning and invite you to the Fellowship Hall after the service to hear them express  their  thanks for all the help given to them.         Laura Taylor