Summer Update!

Summer Update!

First off, we'd like to welcome our new intern from Ambrose Seminary who is joining our leadership team, Prince Thomas. He is in his 2nd of 3 years of his Masters of Divinity program and is super excited to join us here at Northmount.

This summer we're also planning quite a few events for people of all ages for you to keep in mind, and in your calenders. 

On June 10th we're having a men's breakfast for ages 15-65 at 7am till 8:30am here at the church. We're going to have tons of food and great conversations.

July 8th we're having a Stampede breakfast with lots of food, face painting and live music!

July 15th is our first of two barbecue's we're having this summer. 

August 26th is our second barbecue to end off our summer. 

On top of these we are planning some games nights, a college bible study and so much more! To stay on top of all these events get connected with us at our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram.