Bill Hudson
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Over the past 2 months, our intern Michael has been working on updating our social media presence along with the help of Bill. The aim of this is to reach those in our community that we don't see on the street and to advertise our events better. As well it helps our congregation to stay in touch with us as well.


We've update our Facebook page so that it has our upcoming events, and latest news going on in the church. Our interns have also started to do a "Facebook Live" event where they give you that weeks announcements and prayer requests on Tuesdays at noon, it's also saved for later viewing. If you want to check out our facebook page click here.


We now have an Instagram page to bring you the latest event announcements such as cafe nights and special events, straight to your phone. If you want to check out our Instagram page here.


We also have a new Twitter page to bring our church family and community more information about upcoming events and updates from our denomination. If you want to follow us on Twitter click here.

Check those out to stay in touch with what's going on in our church!