Bill Hudson
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As the new year has begun our interns Bill and Michael are now in their practicum. With a new year comes new challenges and responsabilities, as well as many more learning experiences.


Some of what their working on is their Blogs as they work through the Old Testament chapter by chapter and writing in their blogs their thoughts.

As well they are working with Gabriel on community outreach events such as our cafe night. 

Michael is working on a prayer night as well as our social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Bill is working on getting sermons up on Itunes in the form of podcasts as well as some more administravtive tasks.


They are both working on our new Young Adults workshop, Equip. The start date is Febuary 4th and they are having an information night January 15th.


If you would like encourage them feel free to send them one using their e-mails bellow.